Ystrad Einion Mine

Ystrad Einion Mine (Dolgoch Mine)
Grid Reference: 


52° 31' 34.8384" N, 3° 54' 22.176" W

Ystrad Einion Mine is situated between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth,  just off the Furnace turning to Artists Valley, about 3km up the road.This old mine produced some lead, zinc and copper. It was first worked about 1700, and again in 1745 to maybe 1760. The next recorded working was in 1853 but this only lasted a year. In 1855 the mine was again taken up, and continued to work occasionally to 1901.The mine is better known for its underground waterwheel.
Recorded output is very incomplete, only recorded after 1845:
9 tons of lead ore
79 oz of silver ( from 4 tons of lead ore)
10 tons of zinc ore
45 tons of copper ore

This mine was a perfect example of a site which produced very small returns on its production.

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