Temple Mine

Temple Mine
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52° 23' 42.81" N, 3° 50' 19.554" W

Temple is a very interesting small mine in a wonderful setting. There are remains of two ore-bins, various retaining walls, a wheelpit and crusher house, with a cleft in the rock above the river marking the site of a second wheelpit, the outline of a rock-cut 'buddle' and fragments of other buildings.

Temple mine is near Ysbyty Cynfyn church, about a 20 minute walk from there.  A path beside the churchyard leads to the Rheidol gorge, which is spanned by the Parson's bridge.  There has been a succession of footbridges here.  In the 18th Century the bridge was a simple log and handrail between 2 rock ledges at the narrow point a few metres upstream of the present bridge.

During the 19th Century, a lead mine was opened on the opposite side of the gorge. The Temple mine takes its name from the 3 large standing stones at the church which was a supposed "Druidic Temple".  The ore from the mine was carried on an inclined tramway up the steep side of the Rheidol gorge in the direction of the old mining village of Ystumtuen, where there was a group of important lead mines.  The ruins of the Temple mine are now managed by the Countryside Council for Wales and can be seen from the Parson's bridge.