Frongoch Mines (Pontceunant Generating Station)

Pontceunant Generating Station - part of the Frongoch Mines
Grid Reference: 
SN 70674


52° 21' 10.4004" N, 3° 54' 0.558" W

As part of the Frongoch Mines, Pontceunant Generating Station was built in 1899 at the cost of £11,400 by the Belgian company "Societe Anonyme Metallurgique" shortly after they took over the Frongoch mine.  They modernised the mine by introducing electric power to replace the various waterwheels and steam engines previously used around the site.

The magnificent building in Pontceunant had become a recent target for fly tipping, but was restored and cleaned up with new interpretation panels explaining its history by the project Ysbryd-Y-Mwynwyr in 2006 with the permission of the landowners Mr and Mrs Williams.

Pontceunant is located in the valley of Cwmnewydion on the southern side of the minor road from Abermagwr to Pontrhydygroes. Alongside are the remains of the old mine Graiggoch.  Continue east for half a mile and you will find the remains of the "Belgian Mill".  Take the next turning on the left and you will find the remains of the Frongoch mine.