Bwlch Glas Mine

Bwlch Glas Mine
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52° 28' 20.9136" N, 3° 54' 3.186" W

The Hafan tramway ran along the southern slopes of the valleys and passed between the mine buildings at Bwlchglas on its way to the incline. The mine finally closed in 1923. The remains of the concrete processing plant still remain.

The Hafan Tramway climbed from Llanfihangel (now known as Llandre) to Talybont and then ran along the southern slopes of the Leri, through Bwlchglas and past Allt-ddu, that then ended at the foot of the Hafan incline. Three locomotives were used on the Tramway - victoria, Talybont and Hafan. The Victoria ran for 500yards on 12 May 1897 and on 20 November 1899 the tramway ceased due to the company going into voluntary liquidation. Even today looking down from the Hafan Quarry towards the Tramway you can just see the old track embedded in the side of the hillside.